Edmond woman and her boyfriend allegedly extort and rob OnlyFans app user

EDMOND, Okla. – Police say a male victim planned to have sex with a woman he chatted with on the OnlyFans app but was robbed at gunpoint instead.

Rose Hosseinigoshaghani allegedly chatted with a male on the OnlyFans app, agreeing to meet in person and have sex.

According to News 9, the victim contacted authorities after allegedly being robbed at gunpoint by Hosseinigoshaghani and her boyfriend.

After being robbed, the victim was extorted for more money, leading him to reach out to authorities.

The victim claims that Hosseinigoshaghani asked for $300, threatening that she will inform his family that he pays for sex if he does not comply.

Hosseinigoshaghani reportedly picked the victim up at his residence.

The victim told police that Hunter Randall, Hosseinigoshaghani’s boyfriend, was hiding in the backseat.

Randall allegedly pointed a gun at the back of the victim’s head and demanded money.

According to the victim, the couple stole his cellphone and forced him to transfer $200 through Cash App.

The victim was contacted by Hosseinigoshaghani the next day and asked for more money.

After turning to authorities, police made contact with Hosseinigoshaghani at her parents’ residence.

While Hosseinigoshaghani was communicating with police, Randall was spotted crawling out of a window.

Police arrested both Hosseinigoshaghani and Randall.

Hosseinigoshaghani reportedly told officers that she committed the crimes because she is always broke and just “wanted to have a good time with friends.” (News 9)

Hosseinigoshaghani and Randall informed authorities that they spent the victim’s money on THC wax and food items.


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