Fearless teacher disarms active shooter and embraces her while awaiting authorities

RIGBY, Idaho – Earlier this month a sixth grade girl shot two students and a custodian at Rigby Middle School, all currently recovering from the incident. 

Krista Gneiting, a teacher at the middle school, is deemed a hero after the school shooting incident due to her courageous, quick thinking that may have saved countless lives that day.

According to reports, Gneiting broke her silence recently on Good Morning America to discuss that day.

Gneiting was guiding her students and planning to run to a nearby high school with them.

When she was helping a student injured by a gunshot wound, she spotted the active shooter standing close to them.

Gneiting bravely walked up to the suspect as calmly as possible and had her eye on the gun. 

All Gneiting could think about in that moment was getting the gun away from the girl. 

Gneiting remembers asking the girl if she was the shooter. At that moment, Gneiting held the girl’s arm, and slowly took the gun from her. 

After she took the gun from the girl, Gneiting expressed that she hugged the shooter thinking to herself that this girl has a mother somewhere. 

Gneiting held the girl while awaiting the police.

Police handcuffed the shooter upon arrival.

The shooter has been charged in Jefferson County but additional details are unknown at this time. (Source: Upworthy.com)


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