Flea market robber steals compound bow from an ice cream truck, waves knife

TULSA, OKLA. – Earlier this week, Jim Remer was arrested for Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon. (Tulsa Police Department)

Tulsa PD was contacted on the 21st of August because of a disturbance that involved a weapon at the Admiral Flea Market.

The suspect, Remer, allegedly took a compound bow from an ice cream truck that was parked at the local flea market that day.

Remer’s actions at the flea market did not end there; he then allegedly began spewing verbal threats during a confrontation with the ice cream truck owner.

The ice cream truck victim managed to get his bow back when flea market security tried to shoo Remer away. During this time, Remer was wielding a knife.

Once TPD arrived on the scene Remer was immediately arrested.

image courtesy of Tulsa County Inmate Center


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