Florida woman goes wild at casinos, spends over $100k of nonprofit money

Largo, Fla. – A Largo woman was arrested by Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies and booked in the county jail after allegedly stealing money from a women’s club nonprofit.

A women’s club reported over $160,741 stolen by their former treasurer, Sharon Brindamour.

Brindamour allegedly had access to the nonprofit’s funds from March of 2018 until June 2020.

Pinellas County investigators found that Brindamour used $127,041 at multiple casinos in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and even at a Harrah’s Gulf Coast Casino in Mississippi.

Brindamour allegedly spent some of the stolen cash for a doctor’s appointment, insurance, and Mariner Finance. (Tampa Bay Newspaper)

Key evidence linked the same amount of cash deposits into the suspect’s bank account to the withdrawn amount from the nonprofit.

According to Tampa Bay Newspaper, Brindamour admitted to the crime.


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