Former Georgia police officer crashes a Florida prom to build her Instagram audience

MIAMI, Fla – A woman in her 20s reportedly went undercover to a Hialeah high school prom, not for police work but to promote her Instagram account.

Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, dressed up in what reports describe as student attire to blend in with the high school crowd.

The suspect carried a backpack and skateboard into the prom with the motive to interact with students.

Francisquini reportedly chatted with students and shared flyers promoting her Instagram handle.

According to reports, Francisquini was also using her phone to record herself during her undercover operation.

Security noticed her peculiar behavior and spoke with her as she was walking around the school premises.

Francisquini informed security guards that she was looking for the registration office.

Security guards kept a close watch on Francisquini, and after attempting to speak with her again, she allegedly fled the scene.

Officers and American Senior High School tracked the suspect down thanks to her superb promotional Instagram skills.


Francisquini was arrested at her residence and booked in the Miami-Dade jail. Her bond is set at $1,000.

The suspect was evidently a former police officer for Dekalb County, Georgia. In 2017, Francisquini allegedly hacked into an Atlanta police officer’s social media account and posted nude pictures of the Atlanta officer, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and MSN News.  

(Images courtesy of Yahoo News and MSN News)


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