Gas station employee assaulted over stolen Red Bull cans

BAY CITY, MI– A woman in Bay City is facing a possible fifteen-year sentence for allegedly attacking a gas station employee who caught her stuffing Red Bull cans into her Coach purse.

The incident took place on May 13 at approximately 10:45 a.m., police say.

The store manager recognized 39-year-old Angela Schalk as a regular customer and claimed that Schalk allegedly started punching her in the face after asking her to give back the stolen drinks (MLive).

Police believe that Schalk was involved in another shoplifting occurrence the day before at a different gas station. 

Schalk was arrested on May 18 and placed in the Saginaw County Jail for a separate incident of retail fraud. An arrest warrant for the May 13 incident had been issued on May 28. 

On Aug. 25 Schalk pleaded guilty to second-degree retail fraud and was sentenced to county jail time in Saginaw County.

Schalk appeared in the Bay County District Court on Sept. 3 for single counts of unarmed robbery and second-degree retail fraud. She faces a possible 15-year sentence (MLive).

The judge on arraignment ordered Schalk to transfer to Saginaw Odyssey House, a rehab center in Saginaw after she completes her sentence in the Saginaw County Jail. 

Schalk has appeared in court several times over the past decade for retail fraud and driving on a suspended license (Bay County).


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