Genitalia exposed while woman steals wine and cupcakes at a Tulsa Whole Foods

TULSA, Okla. – Yesterday, Karie Ashbaugh was seen strolling around a Tulsa Whole Foods while exposing her genitalia. According to Tulsa police, multiple witnesses saw the indecent exposure.

The incident occurred around midday at 41st and Peoria. Ashbaugh not only exposed her private parts but also partook in stealing wine and cupcakes.

Police officials reported that Ashbaugh was also seen “urinating in the middle of the parking lot.” (Tulsa Police Department)

Officers were able to locate the suspect, who was eating cupcakes in front of a liquor store.

Indecent exposure AFCF and three counts of larceny are among the suspect’s arrest complaints.

This is an arrest and not a conviction. (Image courtesy of Tulsa Police Department)


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