Georgia teenager falls victim to skull-breaker TikTok challenge

Two Georgia teenagers have been criminally charged for allegedly causing head trauma to a White County High School student due to the TikTok skull-breaker challenge.

According to reports, the skull-breaker challenge has been around for many years. On November 7, two 15-year-old females took the challenge, tricking a classmate. The two teenage girls asked a classmate if the classmate could jump up as high as them. Once the classmate jumped in the air, the two suspects allegedly kicked the classmate’s legs out from under, causing the victim to fall. (Now Habersham)

On November 10, after investigating this case, the two teens were charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct within the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The TikTok skull-breaker challenge has caused injuries and even deaths. In 2020, two minors were charged in New Jersey after partaking in the skull-breaker challenge that led to a victim suffering a head injury, a concussion, and a seizure. (Washington Post)

This TikTok skull-breaking challenge has led not only to severe injuries but death as well. In December 2019, a 16-year-old reportedly died in Brazil because of the TikTok challenge. (BBC)

JAILBIRDS Digital is sharing this case in hopes of raising awareness of this longstanding TiKTok challenge that kids may fall victim to.


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