Halloween store alleged sexual assaulter identified

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla — Oklahoma City police identified the man dressed in a long black wig, pearls, and red corset that was wanted for an alleged sexual assault at a Halloween store.

According to investigators, the suspect allegedly lured a disabled woman to a corner inside Spirit Halloween near Reno and Council. (Oklahoma News 4)

At that point, the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted the victim. The suspect was able to flee the store before police involvement.

Oklahoma City Police Department posted a picture of the suspect on their Facebook page. After thousands of shares and a matter of only a couple of hours, investigators were able to identify the suspect.

OKC police shared with the public that they attempted to identify the suspect through “several means,” but sharing the suspect’s image on Facebook was the most appropriate way. (OKC FB)

At this time, there are no further details on this case.


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