Hey officers – they took my fake ID!

EDMOND, Okla. – An 18-year-old Edmond woman was arrested on a felony complaint after she allegedly called the police to get her fake ID back from a bar on the evening of February 2.

That’s right – the bar didn’t call the cops due to the fraudulent ID card.

The owner of the fake ID did.

According to reports, Edmond police were dispatched to a bar in the 1100 block of South Broadway after Blakelee Hope Sands called them to come get her ID back.

She allegedly told the police department, “Yes, I’m trying to get someone up here to verify that my ID is real. Because they took it from me and they won’t give it back until I verify that it is real.”

When officers arrived at the location, they retrieved the Texas identification card. It had the name “McKamie Queen” on it.

Sands told police that was her name and the bar didn’t believe her. She stuck to her story, even after officers asked her several times if the card was fake.

Officers checked the license number. The ID number actually belonged to a guy living in Texas named Robert Sanchez.

When presented with the new information regarding the fraudulent ID, Sands told police that she just didn’t think she would get caught.

The teen was placed under arrest on a felony complaint of presenting a false ID to an officer to avoid prosecution. Bond information and court date were unavailable at the time of publication.


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