Hostage situation leads to a severely wounded Detention Officer and the death of a detainee

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A Detention Officer of the Oklahoma County Detention Facility is recovering after being held hostage on March 27, 2021, by detainees.

Video footage released by the Oklahoma City Police Department on April 2nd revealed the nightmarish timeline. After the hostage takeover, the video shows the detention officer forced to lay face down on a table. The footage reveals a detainee entering the scene, proceeding to stab the victim multiple times. 

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma City Police Department responded to the incident to rescue the victim.

Curtis Williams, a detainee, ultimately succumbed to gunshot wounds. Moments before Williams’ death, he is seen with a knife in hand, forcefully pushing the detention officer to his knees at the top of the stairs. The Oklahoma City Police Department is responsible for the shots fired.

Lt. Coy Gilbert and Officer Kevin Kuhlman, the two officers who shot at Williams, are currently on administrative leave pending the conclusions of the shooting incident’s investigation.


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