Hot tub thieves in hot water after getting caught in Choctaw

CHOCTAW, Okla. – Authorities released video footage of two men stealing from a Choctaw construction site near SE 15th Street and Peebly Road.

Video surveillance revealed Ronnie Carter, 45, and Curtis Fortenberry, 48, driving in the neighborhood in their pickup truck.

The neighborhood is reportedly under construction.

The suspects allegedly stopped at a construction trailer, hitched the trailer to their pickup, and loaded it with multiple items.

Items included wheelbarrows, tools, and even a couple of large items like Jacuzzis.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office reported that video surveillance footage documented nearly every action the suspects took at the construction site.

Once intel on the truck details was dispersed to patrol, deputies kept an eye out for a silver truck with a black racing stripe.

According to authorities, a deputy spotted the truck the next day, and the deputy reportedly made eye contact with the driver as they drove past one another, going opposite directions.

The deputy on patrol followed the truck to a property located in Oklahoma County that was reportedly gated.

Investigators executed a search warrant and located the stolen items.

Carter and Fortenberry were arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

The suspect’s complaints include burglary and possessing and concealing stolen property.

This case is an ongoing investigation as officials continue to review intel to see if the suspects are linked to other burglaries. (News 9)


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