Indecent exposure, Fireball theft, assault and more – all in a day’s work

TULSA, Okla. —  On January 27th,  at approximately 6:50 p.m., officers responded to a larceny-related call at a convenience store on 61st and Memorial.

According to witnesses, Marlene Whitehorse was acting quite peculiar, allegedly grabbing Fireball Cinnamon Malt beverages and attempted to leave the store. (Tulsa Police Department)

When the convenience store worker confronted Whitehorse, she yelled at the clerk. Whitehorse then approached the cash register, and flashed her breasts at the clerk.

It did not end there, Whitehorse turned to a female customer that was standing in line, and allegedly assaulted her.

A fight between the female victim and Whitehorse erupted. By the time authorities showed up, Whitehorse let them know she was intoxicated and admitted to the Fireball theft.

Whitehorse was arrested and booked into Tulsa County jail for Indecent Exposure, Petit Larceny, Assault and Battery, Public Intoxication, and Obstruction/interfering with a Police Officer.


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