Knoxville man allegedly used a Bitcoin transaction in CoinBase app to hire hitman

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. – A Knoxville man, a former social studies high school teacher, allegedly attempted to hire an assassin to kill his wife by using Bitcoin as a payment method.

The FBI Cyber Task Force received notification from the British Broadcasting Corporation regarding a life-threatening situation about an individual named Ann Replogle.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office then conducted a welfare check at Ann’s residence.

Both Ann and her husband, Nelson Replogle, spoke with authorities and reportedly were unable to think of anyone that would wish to hurt Ann.

The FBI received further details from the BBC about Ann’s plan to visit the vet along with the details about her vehicle. 

Other information included the cryptocurrency transaction used as payment for the planned murder.

With this critical information, the FBI linked the CoinBase account to the Bitcoin payment. Other valuable evidence included the IP address linked to the crypto transaction.

CoinBase record data provided insight into a transaction made from the would-be victim’s husband’s savings account, which was then used to pay the hitman.

The suspect, Nelson Replogle, was arrested and faces a maximum 10-year sentence along with a fine of up to $250,000. According to reports, Replogle has an upcoming court hearing later this month. (KFOR)


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