TULSA, Okla. — On February 28, 2023, at about 2:00 AM, officers approached a home near Pine and Memorial after a home invasion report.

Police learned that the family was asleep when Ty Copeland broke into the home through a child’s bedroom window.

The father managed to get his wife and children away from the suspect, while the Copeland reportedly threw home items around, damaging the home.

Once the homeowner’s wife and children were out of harm’s way, the superhero dad grabbed ahold of what police describe as a full-fledged machete.

Machete in hand, the homeowner “struck Copeland with it.” (Tulsa Police Department)

Copeland then cowardly barricaded himself in one of the bedrooms to avoid the machete-wielding dad.

When police arrived, they found family members “screaming in the front yard,” pointing officers to the home comprising the suspect and the dad. (ibid.)

A trusty K-9 assisted authorities in apprehending Copeland. However, Copeland was not immediately booked into the county jail; he was taken to a hospital to treat his wounds.

According to the suspect himself, Copeland told Tulsa officers that he was fleeing from police and randomly chose a home to hide in.

Earlier that day, Copeland said he was using methamphetamines.

Copeland is a Native American, so he is on an FBI hold.


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