Man doggy paddles across Arkansas River during Tulsa police chase

TULSA, Okla. – A man was arrested after a police pursuit that involved a stolen vehicle and aquatics.

According to TPD, Jenks Police Department required assistance at 81st and S. Peoria Ave during their pursuit of 35-year-old Brian Crabtree.

Reports say Crabtree initially approached a business and “rammed the stolen car into the business owner’s vehicle.” The owner reportedly rammed back, and the suspect fled the scene.

Crabtree allegedly fled the scene in a stolen vehicle. The suspect reportedly stopped the stolen vehicle close to 8400 S. Peoria and decided to escape by foot.

Naturally, K9 Officers, patrol, and Tulsa Police helicopter joined the hunt to corner Crabtree in a wooded area.

Police say K9 officers were to thank for locating Crabtree attempting to play hide-in-seek in the woods near 96th St. bridge.

When K9 officers spotted the suspect, Crabtree figured it might be wise to dive into the Arkansas River and doggy paddle away.

Tulsa Fire Department Water Rescue Team launched their boats at this point and managed to herd the suspect to the shoreline.

Police say Crabtree was a pretty good swimmer. He managed to get from the west bank to the east bank of the river.

Crabtree reportedly got tired and, as TPD stated that the suspect “decided that jail was preferable over drowning” and surrendered.

The suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, assault with a dangerous weapon, eluding larceny from retailer, wearing a mask in the commission of a felony. (Tulsa Police Department Facebook)


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