Man informed police he intended to back his car into a weed shop

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – An Oklahoma City man’s leafy green plans were going well until he hit a wall, literally, and landed him behind bars. 

John Lytle, 25, planned on burglarizing Freedom Vapor and MedShop405, a vape shop and marijuana dispensary, but hit a shoe repair store in the 7900 block of Hefner Road.  

The shoe repair owners received a call from their security service stating that there was a problem. Upon arrival, the owners were shocked to see the storefront’s glass shattered with a massive amount of damaged items, including ceiling tiles.

The suspect allegedly ruined old shoe repair equipment that the victims described as “irreplaceable.”

According to police, Lytle, uninjured, required assistance to step out of the vehicle inside of the store. The suspect was not shy to share with officers his unachieved goal of burglarizing the smoke shop next door.  

The victims are awaiting insurance details to assist in damages. The suspect was arrested, facing two counts of malicious injury to property and second-degree burglary charges.

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