Oaklee Mae Snow was just under age two when she and her 7-month-old brother Coleton were reportedly taken from their father’s residence in January by their mother, Madison Marshall (22), and her boyfriend, Roan Waters (25).

While reports tend to claim that the children were originally “abducted,” back in March, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office commented on their Facebook page that they were “not abducted and she [Oaklee] was with her mother, and there was no reason to believe the mother would hurt her.” This comment was in reference to a KFOR news report that Seminole County Sheriff’s Office shared on Oaklee’s disappearance when someone asked them why there had not been an Amber Alert issued.

By March 28, 2023, investigators issued a bulletin on Oaklee’s disappearance. Oaklee’s baby brother was not listed on that bulletin because he was abandoned on a couch in Indianapolis in February and eventually reunited with his father in Oklahoma.

In February, Waters’ mother had reportedly been contacted by a man named Chad, informing her that Marshall and Waters left behind Coleton after sharing that Marshall and Waters had to seek emergency care because Oaklee hurt her head.

Waters’ sister then went to the house to get Coleton and contacted Child Protective Services. Once CPS stepped in and recovered the child, local and federal authorities coordinated with child protection to assist in reuniting Coleton with his father in Oklahoma. (IndyStar)

After discovering Coleton, investigators learned that Oaklee was last seen by witnesses with her mother and Waters as she was reportedly being carried out of the home where Oaklee’s brother had been abandoned.

Witnesses reported that Oaklee appeared to be wrapped in a blanket and did nont hear any sounds or see any movement coming from Oaklee at the time.

By March 3, Waters was located at a Best Western in Colorado and arrested on an outstanding warrant unrelated to Oaklee and Coleton’s case.

Unable to locate Marshall and Oaklee, on March 16, authorities issued a warrant for Marshall’s arrest for neglect of a dependent. After receiving an anonymous tip, Marshall was located and arrested in North Carolina on March 23.

Just under a month after Marshall’s arrest, Oaklee’s remains were found on April 21, hidden in a drawer in Morgan County, Indiana.

At this time, Waters and Marshall face multiple charges, including felonies. While Waters is being charged with murder, Oaklee’s mother is not at this time.

(Source: Water’s image is from Roan Water’s Facebook Page / Image of Madison Marshall Harnett’s County Sheriff’s Department / Image of Oaklee courtesy of IndyStar)


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