Missing Utah student found alive, buried underneath coal

A missing Utah college student was found after she had been missing for nearly a week.

19-year-old Madelyn Allen attended Snow College and lived in a dorm when roommates reported her missing on December 13.

Officials located Allen on December 18 at a 39-year-old man’s residence in Wayne County.

According to reports, Brown was taken into custody for complaints of rape and obstruction of justice. (PEOPLE)

Law enforcement tracked Allen down with the help of Allen’s cellphone data. The cell phone data led police to the city of Loa where officers reportedly went door to door trying to track Allen down. (PEOPLE)

At one residence, the man that officials spoke to said he was alone, but a young woman with a similar build as Allen was seen through a window of the residence.

When police later searched the home, they located Allen in what was described as a coal storage, covered in coal, alive. (ABC4 Utah)

Brown has yet to be formally charged or entered into any plea deal.


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