Motorist shot and killed after using homeowner’s driveway to back out

MARTINDALE, Texas.– Early in the morning of Oct. 11, motorist Adil Dghoughi, a 31-year-old immigrant from Morocco, was shot as he backed out of Terry Turner’s driveway.  

Dghoughi died as a result of his injuries. 

According to an arrest affidavit, Turner claimed that Dghoughi had parked in his driveway with the headlights turned off. By the time Turner returned with his gun Dghoughi had turned his headlights on and began backing out of the driveway (CNN).  

Turner also claimed that Dghoughi had a gun and was aiming to shoot at him. A gun was not found in Dghoughi’s car.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, an arrest warrant was issued, and Turner turned himself in the next day. He was released almost two hours later on a $150,000 bond (News 9).


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