Naked woman caught wielding a butter knife at 75-year-old man, allegedly set her clothes on fire

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A woman is accused of stripping off her clothes, setting them on fire, and assaulting a 75-year-old man at an apartment complex in downtown Oklahoma City.

On April 10th, Oklahoma City Police reported to an apartment complex on W I-240, first stumbling upon burning clothes in a corridor.

The scene became even more chaotic when police found Iesha Swan, 39, wielding a butter knife inside the victim’s home.

Police witnessed the suspect making stabbing movements at the victim’s neck with the butter knife.

It is unclear if the victim suffered wounds from Swan’s weapon of choice.

Police reportedly used a taser on the suspect to gain control of the situation.

Swan is suspected of being under the influence during the incident, making it extra hard to handcuff her, police say.

The suspect’s motive is unclear as to why she broke into the victim’s home.

Police report that the victim contacted police, stating that the suspect was violently knocking on his door and would not stop.

Swan allegedly refused to leave, and the resident of the apartment opened the door.

The victim reported that upon opening the door, Swan pushed her way in and began breaking things.

According to Oklahoma City Police, the suspect was acting exceptionally aggressively and in the mood to fight.

The burning clothes only caused damage to the ceiling above the pile and harmed no residents. There could have been multiple injuries, and even death had the fire spread, police say.

According to Oklahoma City Jail Blotter, Swan was initially booked for public drunkenness and resisting an officer.

News 9 reports that there are more charges in the pipeline for the suspect, including arson, burglary, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

The victim reportedly had no relation to the suspect. Swan did not live in the apartment complex where the incident occurred.

The suspect went to the hospital before being booked in the Oklahoma County Jail. The well-being of the victim is unknown.

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