NOC theater professor faces multiple charges against students, including kidnapping

TONKAWA, Okla. – A Northern Oklahoma College professor is out of a job after being charged with sexual battery, rape, kidnapping, and more.

Luetkenhaus’s website about page states: “As a designer, I feel that telling the story is the most important part of my job […] Whether I am doing that with the scenery or the lighting makes no difference to me, as long as my work can connect the audience to the story.”

The suspect’s story takes a twist from shining the light on others to turning the spotlight on himself.

Anthony Luetkenhaus’s Career 

Anthony Luetkenhaus, 37, was recently suspended from his teaching job at Northern Oklahoma College –Tonkawa. But what we know is that Luetkenhaus has a long history of work in theater. 

Luetkenhaus’s resume, found on his website, highlights his position as Director of Technical Theatre and Professorship of Theatre at NOC.

He began his career with Northern Oklahoma College in 2016, where he advised students in design and technology and sat on multiple committees. But his love for all things theater dates back in 2002 where he kickstarted his journey as a wardrobe assistant at Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Missouri.

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An article on Luetkenhaus’ work as Artistic Director at Palouse Theater in Pullman, Washington, highlighted some of his artistic direction between August 2015 to June 2016.

During this career endeavor, the suspect focused on an “After Dark Series.” The series evidently revolved around stories of bondage and domination. 

From Theater Director to Criminal Suspect


(image courtesy of MSN News) 

At 37, Luetkenhaus landed a new role; this time behind bars. He faces multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, formerly charged by the Kay County District Court.

According to KOCO News 5, there is more than one victim. 

So far, all victims appear to be students of the suspect.

One of the victims informed authorities that back in 2018, Luetkenhaus shared inappropriate images using the Snapchat app.

The victim also reported that Luetkenhaus inappropriately touched her.

The same victim shared that in 2019 her professor sexually abused her during her participation in one of his workshops.

Another one of the professor’s victims reported instances of alleged sexual battery, rape, sexual abuse, and more beginning in 2016 up to the present.

Tonkawa Police Department share details on their Facebook page about this case.

Tonkawa Police informed the public that Luetkenhaus was arrested and booked into the Tonkawa Jail for:

  • Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Distribution of Obscene Material
  • Committing Act of Lewdness

The suspect’s bond was set to $150,000.

A search warrant was later issued and collected evidence from the college instructor’s home.

The Tonkawa Police Department expects more charges and victims.

The police urge anyone to come forward if they have details about this case:

Phone: (580) 628-2516

Email: [email protected]


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