OKC man enters dog groomers with two butcher knives

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — As we are nearing the coldest parts of winter some people are desperate to get out of the cold. A homeless man named Joshua DeCarlo was struggling amid winter and was desperate to get out of the cold. He cased the dog grooming place before entering the premises.
DeCarlo then entered the shop with two butcher knives, one in each hand. He started walking towards employees and threatened to kill all of them. He did not take anything from the store because it was said that he was only trying to avoid being stuck out in the cold.
The owner of the dog grooming shop allegedly does not believe that he was only trying to get out of the cold. This was because of the terrifying look in his eyes and the way the situation occurred. Officers arrived on scene and immediately identified the suspect.
DeCarlo faces five complaints of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for each employer that was working the day he entered the premises.


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