OKC murder victim found hanged from tree, two arrested

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. – A gruesome murder occurred in an Oklahoma City homeless encampment off of N. Western and Kilpatrick Service Road.

51-year-old victim Jeff Skrivanek was found hanging from a tree in what investigators claim was a calculated attack, which investigators claim may have been over a dog.

OKC police arrested two suspects, 20-year-old James Guillory and 18-year-old Sierra McCoy-Griffen in connection with the homicide.

According to reports, Skrivanek was found hanging from a tree at the Oklahoma City homeless encampment after being brutally beaten and strangled with a dog leash.

Sgt. Dillon Quirk shared that the police were notified of a possible death within an area described as “a wooded area.” (News 9)

According to Quirk, blunt force trauma was involved in the victim’s death.

Suspect Guillory confessed to the incident, including strangling the victim even more when he noticed Skrivanek was still breathing.

McCoy-Griffen’s involvement, in this case, was linked to notes between the suspect that investigators gathered as evidence. The letters in the couple’s motel room included communication that involved planning the murder.

According to reports, the motive may have been due to a dog that was owned by Skrivanek and his ex-girlfriend and murder suspect, McCoy-Griffen. (News 9)

The couple was denied bond.  


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