Oklahoma man wanted for sex crimes against underage victims

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Tulsa local 42-year-old Jimmie Doyle McGlothlin, and Tulsa police are asking the public for help.

The suspect is wanted for sex crimes against at least four children that authorities say span 20 years. (Tulsa Police Department)

McGlothlin’s charges involve alleged lewd molestation, manufacturing or possessing sexually abusive digital content of a minor, and child abuse by injury.

According to Tulsa PD, McGlothlin’s last residence was in the Pine and Lewis area. However, when authorities were trying to locate him, it was reported that the suspect had fled the area.

Investigators want the public to know that McGlothlin may be living outdoors around Lake Keystone; however, at this point, the suspect could be just about anywhere.

The public should be aware that McGlothlin may be homicidal and suicidal. The suspect is known to associate with a criminal motorcycle gang and may have possession of firearms.

McGlothlin is described as a white male of around 5’03” in height, approximately 140 pounds, and may be bald. The tattooed suspect also has a “hump on his back” and “skin tags on his eyelids.” McGlothlin’s dental hygiene is described as poor. (Tulsa Police Department)

Consider this suspect highly dangerous and do not take any chances with him, being that he is described as homicidal and suicidal. Contact your local authorities immediately if you spot McGlothlin.

Tulsa Crime Stoppers with information: (918) 596-2677 http://www.tulsacrimestoppers.org/


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