Predator behind the alleged sexual battery of two teenage girls captured by OKC Police Violent Crimes Team

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The man behind the police sketch that allegedly sexually assaulted two teenage girls on the same day has been identified and arrested.

Charles Eller, 74, is the man behind the crimes. After a diligent manhunt, OKC Violent Crimes Apprehension Team was able to locate the suspect upon release of a sketch.

JAILBIRDS covered this story after the sketch of the suspect was released.

In one incident, Eller allegedly pulled the teenage girl into his truck by her backpack. At this point, the suspect attempted to grab her chest area. The victim was able to escape by jumping out of the moving vehicle.

The teenage girl in the other incident was reportedly lured into Eller’s truck. During this incident, the suspect allegedly grabbed her breasts and offered cash for oral sex.

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Eller was arrested on one count of kidnapping and two counts of sexual battery. (Image courtesy of Oklahoma City Police Department / News 4)


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