Prosthetic leg strapped to suspect’s head upon Tulsa police arrival

TULSA, Okla. – An armed robbery occurred on 3600 N. Peoria at approximately 4:30 p.m. on September 14.

Tulsa police arrived at the scene and were immediately guided to the suspect by a Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

The suspect, Kevion Hooks, reportedly made contact with a victim while carrying a big metal spike. Hooks proceeded to take what Tulsa PD described as multiple backpacks from the victim.

It was not just the backpacks that Hooks intended to steal. According to the victim, after the suspect stole the victim’s bags, he allegedly took the victim’s prosthetic limb.

The suspect did not immediately take off with the items. Instead, he asked the victim how much they were worth. While he was asking this, the victim described Hooks waving the large metal spike in the air.

According to Tulsa police, Hooks had “the victim’s prosthetic leg strapped to his head.” (Tulsa Police Department)

Officers were able to remove the leg from Hooks’s head and give it back to the victim. Tulsa authorities then arrested the suspect for Armed Robbery.


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