Serial Tulsa robber zip-tied victims at gunpoint

TULSA, Okla. – A robbery suspect was booked at Tulsa County Jail on April 26th for his alleged involvement in a string of violent robberies dating back to January.

Jerome Hall is accused of entering businesses and zip-tying the employees’ hands at gunpoint.

After tying up the victims, the serial robber’s method of operation (MO) includes shutting off the lights.

The suspect would then go through each business and reportedly left with money, merchandise, and cigarettes.

Surveillance video assisted detectives in gathering valuable evidence.

Detectives say that the suspect’s car was crucial for tracking the suspect down (News6).

Hall’s string of robberies involved four stores in a timeframe of two weeks earlier this year.

Upon store entry, the suspect would intimidate and threaten employees at gunpoint.

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According to detectives, every robbery had the same method of operation, which led to them tying one suspect to multiple cases.

The robberies reportedly stopped for a couple of months.

However, Hall’s vacation didn’t last long. In April, he was at it again, this time at a dispensary.

The MO of the dispensary robbery was the same, only this time he had an accomplice.

Detectives called it “old-fashioned police work,” which led to Hall’s arrest.

Hall’s charges include:

  • Robbery First Degree
  • Receive, possess or conceal stolen property
  • 4 counts of assault while masked or disguised
  • 6 counts of kidnapping
  • Conjoint Robbery
  • 3 counts of robbery w/ dangerous weapon

Apart from trauma, no victims were physically injured in these dangerous attacks.

Hall’s court date is set for May 3rd.

(Image: Courtesy of Tulsa County Jail)


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