HENRYETTA, Okla. – Oklahoma authorities uncovered seven bodies at a registered sex offender’s property earlier this week. Among the deceased are five children.

Convicted rapist Jesse McFadden, 39, has been identified as the property owner where the crimes occurred and the main suspect in this case.

Investigators revealed that the seven victims included McFadden’s wife and her children, along with two teenage girls reported missing before their discovery.

The victims include 35-year-old Holly Guess and her children, 17-year-old Rylee Allen, 15-year-old Michael Mayo, and 13-year-old Tiffany Guess. The other two victims were missing teens Ivy Webster, 14, and Brittany Brewer, 16. McFadden’s body was also found among the dead.

Not much is known yet as investigators try to piece together the events that led up to the horrific ending. According to reports, the victims may have been shot to death.

What we do know is that in 2003, McFadden served 17 years for a first-degree rape conviction. McFadden was supposed to start a jury trial on Monday for allegedly soliciting a minor with a contraband mobile phone while serving his 17 year sentence. McFadden also reportedly had possession of ch. sexual abuse material.

The missing teens, Webster and Brewer, were reportedly having a sleepover with Guess’s children over the weekend at McFadden’s place. The girls planned to return to their families on Sunday. When they did not return when planned, their families reported them missing.

It appears that Guess has received backlash from the public on being married to a registered sex offender. But according to reports, the convicted rapist’s wife did not know about McFadden’s criminal history until recently. Guess’s mother, Janette Mayo, wrote about her daughter and grandchildren on a public Facebook post.

Mayo says, “All the posts on Facebook and the new talk about 7 bodies found and mention Ivy and Brittany but no mention of the other four found. Those other 4 were my daughter Holly Guess, and her children, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Michael James Mayo and , Tiffany Dore Guess. My heart does go out to Ivys and Brittany’s families, but they were not his only victims. My daughter loved her children and yes she married the man who killed them but she was fooled by his charm. I hurt just like the other families but he took my world from me. My grandchildren and my daughter. I have a hole in my heart that he created by his actions Jesse McFadden was a monster for his actions. I would love to talk to the media and tell my side of it. I loved Ivy she was a sweet girl, I really didn’t know Brittany but she must have been a sweet girl for my Tiffany to care for her. My prayers are there for both of the other families. I just ask that people remember my family as well, and that they had names too.”

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL will follow this case and share updates as the investigation reveals more details. JAILBIRDS DIGITAL has reached out to Janette Mayo but has not received a response from her yet.

(Sources: KFOR / AP News / Janette Mayo’s FB | Image Sources: Holly McFadden’s FB / Brittany Brewer’s FB / Oklahoma’s Sex Offender Registry)


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