Some of Daniel Holtzclaw’s victims recant their statements

Oklahoma City, Okla. — On January 21, 2016, Former Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of 18 sexual assault-related offenses against eight female victims. But many believe Holtzclaw was not offered a fair trial and even think the evidence against Holtzclaw was not substantial enough for a guilty verdict. Detective Rocky Gregory, who was working on the investigation, confirmed that he could not locate any third party that ever witnessed Holtzclaw do anything inappropriate.
After Holtzclaw was confronted by investigators about Jannie Ligon’s sexual assault allegations, he was completely open and cooperative. Holtzclaw never hired a lawyer, offered to take a polygraph, and even signed waivers agreeing for investigators to take his DNA, uniform, and search his phone, private vehicle, and apartment. Detective Gregory never chose to exercise those options.
Holtzclaw’s alleged victims, 21 in total, were found that right from the beginning, 62% of the victim’s testimonies were invalid, claiming that they were assaulted while Holtzclaw was on duty. Still, the time frame they gave was after Holtzclaw turned in his badge, gun, and uniform.
Another alleged victim told investigators over the phone in August 2014 that her assailant was a black man in a black and white police car. Holtzclaw’s police car was an all-black new police vehicle. The victim also mentioned to detectives that her attacker was a black man shorter than her with a darker skin tone than hers. Holtzclaw is 6′ and has a white skin tone. 62 years of Holtzclaw’s 263-year sentence were based on that specific victim’s testimony. Oklahoma City officials are continuously refusing to provide evidence. In a statement, Holtzclaw expressed that he prayed that OCPD would acknowledge the “flawed investigation.” He asked officials to release the requested evidence. Holtzclaw was denied parole at the beginning of February this year. (Sources: Enid News & Eagle, Oklahoma News 4, Uncuff the Innocent, Holtzclaw Untold Story)


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