TULSA, Okla. — Around 12:45 pm on April 9th, officers responded to calls of a shooting in the parking lot of the Garden Courtyard apartment complex near 41st Street and South Garnett Rd.

Upon arrival, Officers discovered that 37-year-old Ismeal King had been shot in the chest multiple times. King was in critical condition when taken to the hospital, and on April 10th, he died from his injuries. (Tulsa Police Department)

TPD Sgt. Chonosh said that King had been shot while inside his vehicle by “a black man with a red mask.” (News9) According to an affidavit, multiple witnesses reported seeing a man in a red mask running from the scene. (Fox23)

Other witnesses reported seeing Ismeal having a heated exchange over the phone with someone before and after arriving at the apartment complex. A forensic examination of his phone revealed that it was this call that led to him leaving church in Okmulgee and going to the apartment complex in Tulsa. (Fox23)

Detectives investigating the case identified the caller and the shooting suspect as the victim’s son, Raterrius King, who turned himself in on Wednesday evening.

On April 12th Raterrius was charged with 1st-degree murder.


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