Suspect steals car from Langston, leads officers to Edmond

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – A wild high-speed pursuit ended in the early morning hours of March 9 when the suspect crashed a stolen vehicle in front of the Edmond library.

According to reports, Bertrum Anderson allegedly stole a car from Langston University at approximately 1 a.m.

Shortly after leaving Langston in the stolen vehicle, Anderson was stopped by a Logan County deputy.

Anderson complied with some of the deputy’s commands. At one point, he tried to get out of the vehicle.

Since the deputy was alone, he told Anderson to get back in the car.

Anderson obeyed, but he seized what he saw as an opportunity to get away.

He jumped back in the car and took off, headed down I-35.

During the pursuit, Anderson reached speeds up to 100 mph. He also drove recklessly, passing semis as he led the deputy toward Edmond.

When they reached the city, Anderson attempted to drive through the downtown area, but the pursuit came to an end when he crashed the stolen car.

Reports state Anderson hit a curb, overcorrected and hit another curb.

He lost control of the vehicle, hitting a tree and a wall on the side of the library near E. 2nd and S. Boulevard.

The stolen vehicle was left upside down and crushed due to the crash.

Anderson was treated at the hospital for his injuries before being transported to jail.

Formal charges have not been filed.


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