Teenager shot dead at a Midwest City apartment, suspect in custody

Midwest City, Okla. — Just days before Christmas in Midwest City Oklahoma, a shooting around 1:30 a.m., leaving a teenager dead.

Residents were left upset and feeling unsettled because someone so young with so much life ahead of them was lost too soon.

A resident shared with News 9 how shootings in this area happen way more often than they should.

“I can’t believe that happened. It’s so close to me in this area and then there is just shootings back-to-back it’s just said,” said Sanders.

Residents are saddened by the re-occurrence of shootings in their neighborhoods and want them to end.

Police have one suspect, who has not been identified, in custody. The suspect was hurt during the shooting, and police transported the suspect to a nearby hospital.

Investigators are still working vigorously with the evidence they have received at the crime scene to determine what led up to the incident and if there were any other suspects involved in the incident.

Due to confidentiality, investigators have yet to release the teenage victim’s name and plan to release more details in due time.


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