The untold story of the man behind the Busch Light Meme

DALE COUNTY, Ala.— What started as a viral tweet from @YeeYeeApparel on Twitter, has connected this Alabama man to numerous debates on the flavor of Busch Lite.

But after a quick reverse image Google search, it turns out 44-year-old Jacob Moseley has committed a crime, but this story has less beer and more FBI.

October 6 at 10:30 p.m. the Dale County Sheriff’s Office receives complaints from pilots flying over Cairns Army Airfield. Someone has been shining lasers and high-powered spotlights into their cockpits (WTVY). DCSO flies their aviation unit out to the airfield, and as they close in, bam! Another spotlight straight into their cockpit.

Following the light, they spot our favorite beer connoisseur Moseley running off into the woods. The DCSO’s aircraft lands and the crew pursues Moseley on foot through the wooded area like a Tom and Jerry chase scene.

Moseley is eventually taken into custody, charged with obstructing government operations. The Federal Aviation Administration and FBI have taken over and will decide this Alabama man’s fate (WDHN).

It seems that Moseley’s mugshot has been used to make a fun Alabama man meme for beer. But while his stance on Busch Lite is unknown, the FBI probably won’t be laughing anytime soon.







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