Threats posted online lead to the indictment of an Oklahoma man

MOORE, Okla. – An indicted Oklahoma man allegedly threatened federal officials, suggesting to start with their families.

Oklahoma City Police and Moore Police Department submitted multiple social media posts by Michael Brandon Houck to the FBI for review earlier this year.

Some of the threats included the encouragement of social media users on Parler to take out enemies by starting with what is most important, their families.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford was one of the federal officials that Houck threatened, targeting Lankford’s family.

Other threats by the suspect included getting “dirty” and eliminating kids and wives.

The FBI found multiple firearms, ammunition, $4,800 in cash, and other evidence such as electronic devices.

Houck, indicted on ten federal counts, each carrying up to five years of prison time, is charged with communicating a threat. 


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