Tulsa fraud ring exposed

TULSA, OKLA. – A fraud ring was discovered in Tulsa County when police located a stolen U-Haul.
Nicole Williams was driving the stolen vehicle with passenger James Richardson. Both were taken into custody after a traffic stop when TPD learned that Williams rented the U-Haul and kept it in her possession longer than the rental booking agreement. Williams’ purse contained hotel room keys, fake IDs, and credit cards.

During the investigation, Tulsa police found that Williams is “deeply involved in producing fraudulent IDs, counterfeit checks, counterfeit money, identity theft, and other fraudulent offenses.” (Tulsa Police Department)

Police also confiscated computers, printers, and other fraudulent documents, including stolen bank information.

Williams was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle after former conviction of a felony, three counts of identity theft, failure to return rental property, conspiracy to commit a felony, two counts of creating/manufacturing/selling false ID documents, and knowingly concealing stolen property.
Richardson was allegedly staying in the motel room with Williams and was arrested for conspiracy to commit a felony after former conviction of a felony, and joyriding.


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