Tulsa hose cart burglary victim takes investigation into own hands

TULSA, OKLA. – A burglary suspect is behind bars after getting caught stealing a Tulsa resident’s hose cart.
The victim of the crime took the detective work into his own hands when he said a man entered his backyard and stole a hose cart near 56th and S. Lewis.
According to Tulsa Police Department, the victim located the hose cart on Facebook Marketplace. After his digital research, the victim contacted Tulsa PD.
Tulsa officers assisted the victim by helping him make contact with the alleged hose cart burglar and scheduling a time to meet.
The victim scheduled the meetup at a local pharmacy close to 51st and Lewis.
Police say officers spotted Mark Williams at a nearby convenience store with the stolen hose cart. According to Tulsa PD, Williams was seen filling the tires of the stolen hose cart up with air.
The victim was able to identify his property. Officers returned the property to the victim and the suspect was arrested.
Williams had multiple warrants out for his arrest for past burglaries. The suspect was arrested for 2nd Degree Burglary x 2 After Former Conviction of a Felony and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle which was based on an Outstanding Warrant. (Tulsa Police Department)


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