Tulsa man sets closet on fire during a confrontation with his ex

TULSA COUNTY, Okla.- During the morning of June 24th, The Tulsa Fire Department was dispatched to an apartment near 21st and Memorial.

Tulsa police say the fire department was dispatched due to a fire in a closet.

Once the first responders learned that the fire was intentional, Tulsa PD located the suspect.

According to witnesses, 35-year-old Joshua Carouthers of Tulsa was involved in what started as a verbal argument with his ex-wife.

The argument then shifted to what witnesses say was fighting.

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Carouthers allegedly entered a closet, set items, including clothing, on fire, and then fled the scene.

Tulsa police say witnesses heard the suspect state that he was going to burn the place to the ground.

Carouthers was arrested for arson in the 1st degree, resisting arrest, and endangering human life. His aggregate bond was set to $25,000.  (Tulsa Police Department)

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