Tulsa men steal two cases of the King of Beers before leading officers on a chase

TULSA, Okla. – Two men are behind bars after a Budweiser beer run goes wrong. 

Authorities say two men entered a QuikTrip at 51st Street and Lewis Avenue in the late evening of the 10th.

A QuickTrip employee reportedly spotted a police vehicle nearby and flagged officers down. Once the police arrived, the employee reported that some men left with two cases of beer without paying and allegedly fled the scene.

According to News On 6, Tulsa police were able to track down the suspects around 61st Street and Peoria Avenue. Rather than attempting to stop the suspects, the police waited for backup.

At that point, police say a slow-speed, 40 mph chase started. The police pursuit remained slow, perhaps to keep those two cases of beer safe.

Were they drinking and driving? We don’t know. But what we do know is that once their vehicle came to a halt at 5th and Newport, four men decided to make a run for it.

Their running skills were as slow as their getaway skills. Police say they were able to catch the suspects rather quickly.

While two of the men were not arrested that night, police arrested the driver and one of the other passengers.

The passenger was arrested due to having a small amount of meth in his possession.

While the truck was not stolen, the driver wasn’t supposed to drive it that evening.

The truck belonged to the driver’s dad, and he had not given his son permission to go out on that ‘King of Beers’ heist.

The two arrested suspects face misdemeanor charges.; and to the two men that were set free that night, this Bud’s for you.


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