Tulsa police make three grand larceny arrests in one go

TULSA, Oklahoma – Three suspects were arrested on May 6th after an alleged smartphone heist.

The Tulsa police say Jacob Lord, Jessica Truelove, and Patrick Reed utilized knives to steal smartphones from a cell phone store near 41st and Sheridan.

The suspects used knives to chop off the security wires attached to the smartphone products.

Authorities gathered enough details of the suspects, including their getaway car, to be on the lookout.

Intel was dispersed to the patrol unit, and an officer spotted the suspects’ vehicle off of 31st and Memorial.

Authorities were able to detain all three suspects after they stopped at a convenience store.

Tulsa police explained on their Facebook page that the charges are grand larceny “because the value of the phones topped $2000.”

Authorities expect to potentially link the suspects to similar crimes in the area and outside of their jurisdiction. 


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