Tulsa teen shot in the leg by his baby’s mama’s daddy

TULSA, Okla. – A teen learned the hard way not to mess with his baby’s grandpa. The teenager was allegedly shot in the leg while visiting a residence at Mohawk Manor Apartments on the evening of April 7th. 

The victim’s baby and the child’s mother live at the apartment where the teenager was shot.

Upon arrival, the teen failed to see his baby because neither the child nor the mother was home. The victim reportedly refused to leave the premises, which ultimately led to him suffering a gunshot wound to the leg.

The suspect involved in the shooting is alleged to be the grandfather of the victim’s child.

Officers responded to the incident later at the victim’s home. 

Identities of individuals involved have not been released, and very little is known about the incident. It was reported that the suspect was taken into custody. The victim’s injury is not considered life-threatening. (News9)


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