TULSA, Okla. – Earlier this month, JAILBIRDS DIGITAL reported on Tulsa resident Devin Scrivner’s arrest after Tulsa police “responded to a call involving human remains” in a backyard. Now, two more men have been charged with murder.

The human remains were discovered by a neighbor that was searching for her cat. The neighbor accessed the home’s backyard after getting the homeowner’s permission.

Image Courtesy of Tulsa Police Department

 We still don’t know if the cat was located. What we do know, however, is that the investigation has unlocked two more suspects in this case, and the body has been identified.

The remains were that of 55-year-old Steve Wilkins. According to Scrivner, he took part in the homicide with the help of Michael Brummett and Tad Kleiner. Scrivner even confessed that the shed was burned down to cover up the crime.

All three suspects were charged with 1st Degree Murder a day after Valentine’s Day. While Scrivner and Kleiner were both taken into custody, Brummett was already behind bars, serving prison time for a firearms-related conviction. (Tulsa Police Department)


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