Two women steal a beer bucket full of charitable sex toys

GULFPORT, Fla – Two women in Pinellas County, Florida, allegedly stole an entire beer bucket filled with sex toys that were meant for charity.

The small Florida town of Gulfport near St. Petersburg is at a loss for words after Gulfport police say two women stole $200 worth of vibrators.

Salty’s Gulfport sports bar surveillance footage shows the suspects that police reportedly have identified, entering the bar on May 17th and leaving with 13 vibrators that they stashed in a purse.

The owner informed police that the bar was aware of one of the suspect’s names because it was on their bar tab.

Salty Gulfport owner is reportedly pressing charges and does not want the stolen sex toys returned for obvious reasons.

According to reports, one of the women contacted the bar to let them know she thought the bucket had darts in it, not sex vibrators.

The vibrators were evidently for a “charity vibrator race” powered up for Gulfport Pride set for May 29th. (Orlando Sentinel)


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