Victim turns kung fu hero in attempted armed carjacking, causing suspect to cry like a baby

An attempted carjacking failed when the would-be victim turns the situation around by body-slamming one of the suspects.

A video shows two juveniles between the ages of 11 to 14 approach a man near an SUV in a San Leandro, California neighborhood.

One of the suspects can be seen holding what appears to be a gun as he gets closer to the victim.

The victim appears super calm in the video, perhaps tapping into an alternate Karate Kid universe.

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The victim of the attempted robbery is seen punching the gun-wielding suspect, picking him up, and body-slamming him into the pavement. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

You can hear and see something hit the pavement, likely the gun, after flying out of the suspect’s hand.

The robber held down on the street begins wailing like a newborn baby, and you can hear his accomplice asking the victim to “Let him go!” (KRON 4)

The juveniles were later arrested in another carjacking attempt, and the victim appeared to walk away without injury, like the humble sensei that he is.



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