FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – Former detention officer, 36-year-old Kawana Jenkins, was fired by Fulton County Sheriff’s Office after police say they found footage of her having an inappropriate relationship with an individual in custody.

Jenkins appeared to ignore her oath as a public officer, committing alleged acts that included sexual contact, reckless behavior, and even cruelty to inmates.

Serving approximately four years for Fulton County, the jailer seemed to think she was above the law, allegedly providing an inmate with an item that is not allowed.

Authorities detailed that Jenkins was caught on video engaging in unthinkable acts. The inappropriate behavior was found on a contraband phone confiscated during an approved shakedown.

Jenkins was fired pretty much immediately when Jenkin’s superiors realized it was her on tape.
On March 22, 2023, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office posted about Jenkins on their Facebook page.
Sheriff Patrick Labat of Fulton County Sheriff’s Office shared that Jenkins will face over a dozen charges after her arrest on March 20, 2023.

Jenkins is charged with the following:

Two counts of Improper Sexual Contact by Employee or Agent

Five counts of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer

Two counts of Reckless Conduct

Two counts of Cruelty to Inmates

One count of Obtain/Procure/Give Inmate Prohibited Item Without Authorization.

Sheriff Labat expressed the importance of transparency in sharing these details with the public.

(Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)


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