Warner Bros. ‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller charged with felony burglary

The actor who plays Barry Allen (AKA The Flash) in an upcoming $100 million DC franchise film is charged with felony burglary.

The charge is related to a burglary that occurred in Stamford, Vermont.

Miller is accused of stealing alcoholic beverages from a Stamford residence. Authorities found evidence of Miller’s involvement with the missing bottles in surveillance video. (CNBC)

Other criminal activity by Miller has been covered by JAILBIRDS, including cult-like allegations against a Sioux teen.

Miller’s latest run-in with the law occurred at approximately 5:55 p.m. on May 1. (PEOPLE) The victims allege that multiple bottles of booze were stolen from their home while they were away.

Miller is summoned to court on September 26.


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