What does Manson have to do with the Highland Park massacre?

At this point, most are familiar with the mass shooting that occurred during Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade in Illinois. The massacre was orchestrated by 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, who now faces several first-degree murder charges. Crimo allegedly stood rooftop and opened fire at participants of the parade and the community of paradegoers.  

Crimo was apprehended after he fled the scene to his mother’s home, drove his mom’s car to Madison, Wisconsin, and returned back to Illinois. According to reports, Crimo shared with investigators that he considered shooting up another event in Wisconsin but did not follow through. (ABC 7 Chicago)

While one can find multiple stories related to this incident, What JAILBIRDS DIGITAL seeks to find out is why Manson’s name is connected to this crime and quite frankly, what does Manson have to do with the Highland Park massacre?

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL reached out to Manson himself, or more specifically, “Mini Manson,” also known as Andrew Paul Roach, Entertainer, for insight on why his name was linked to this terrible incident.

Mini Manson’s name was circulating the internet after the Highland Park incident, claiming that he inspired Robert Crimo to commit the crime. Is Mini Manson a master manipulator or simply a victim of online trolling?

Mini Manson
Mini Manson poses in front of a hotel owned by Virgin Records in Chicago, Illinois

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “What is it about you and the Highland Park incident that causes people to link the two of you?”

Mini Manson: “People troll me generally because I’m so strange, but I think I was linked to this just because I live so close by. This was not real … This was created for a show that does pranks on a very high level.”

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “There’s some similar symbology floating around that Robert Crimo and you have in common, what is it or what are they? What is the meaning behind it or them?”

Mini Manson: “I am not familiar with the symbology Crimo used, except for one symbol that was shown to me by Jesse at Pod Awful … That is the Sigil of Satan. Marilyn Manson has the same tattoo on his left hand. Very sexy!”

Mini Manson wearing the Sigil of Satan around neck while performing

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “Have you ever had any contact to your knowledge with Crimo?”

Mini Manson: “I have never met Robert Crimo, but I saw someone at the Chicago LGBT Parade that resembled him. I only remember this because of how strange this person looked at the Parade. He was with some other people, doing cosplay … I went over and handed his friend one of my stickers … it looks like this”

Sticker that Mini Manson handed to Robert Crimo’s friend (or a friend of someone that resembled Crimo) at Chicago LGBT Parade

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “Were people trolling you or was any of this narrative serious?”

Mini Manson: “They were trolling me.”

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “How does it make you feel when people connect you to this incident, even in a joking manner?”

Mini Manson: “At first, I was very angry, but I realize whatever someone else did on their own volition is on THEM, not me … This is not something that “just happens.” It takes months, if not years, for someone to snap like this and blow people away … It no longer bothers me that people think I inspired this. In fact, this gives me POWER and AUTHORITY. … I don’t even sing my own songs. I do covers. If people think I have this much power to control someone, that means I’m a ROCK STAR!”

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “Have you experienced any negativity from others life harassment due to this incident?”

Mini Manson: “I experienced a little harassing phone calls from one person, but that’s about it. I know how to handle trolls and steal the show … I’m an ENTERTAINER after all! “

JAILBIRDS Interviewer: “Is there anything else you’d like to share about this topic?”

Mini Manson: “I honestly don’t watch the news because it is bullshit and depressing. I’m too busy making my music, studying guitar and voice and going out in nature … I wonder if this event really happened or was it a false flag.”

So, did Mini Manson inspire Crimo to open fire at an Independence Day parade? Though a very inspiring entertainer, JAILBIRDS DIGITAL can confidently exonerate Mini Manson from any connection to this massacre; perhaps it’s the trolls that have more to do with the Highland Park incident than Mini Manson himself. 

Special thanks to Mini Manson for participating in an interview with JAILBIRDS DIGITAL.


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