What we know about the Oklahoma City great-grandmother attacker

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A woman in her 30s was arrested on May 5th for allegedly assaulting a 74-year-old woman inside the great-grandmother’s home near Southwest 44th and Santa Fe.

Candace Painter, 37, reportedly went to the victim’s home demanding to see the victim’s grandson.

Painter insisted on seeing the grandson over $15 that she claims he owes her.

The grandmother did not allow the suspect to enter the home.

Painter became out of control upon the victim’s refusal to allow entry into the residence.

The suspect attacked the grandma, pushing her down on the floor.

What Painter did next is horrific. The suspect ripped out the victim’s hair, cut her, and caused bruising. 

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It was the grandson who reportedly dialed 911, informing of authorities of the attack.

The suspect faces multiple charges, including felony charges.

The Oklahoma City Jail Blotterlists the charges as follows:

  • Burglary in the First Degree, F ($10,000.00 bond)
  • Robbery in the First Degree, F ($50,000.00 bond)
  • Assault and Battery, M ($500.00 bond)
  • Assault and Battery ($750.00 bond)

Authorities say the great-grandmother is expected to make a full recovery. (Oklahoma News 4) 


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