Woman in Oklahoma arrested for the murder of California store owner

Washington County, Okla. — A 29-year-old open case has finally come to an end. Rayna Hoffman-Ramos, a 61- years old woman, was arrested because of the high-profile murder of California store owner Shu Ming Tang back in 1993.
Tang was the owner of Devonshire Little Store in San Carlos, California, and was assassinated on April 26, 1993. Local officers responded a shooting and found Tang wounded by gunshots inside his store.
According to officials, Tang was the victim of a robbery gone wrong and early reports determined “that a woman was seen leaving the store after the” shooting. (Yahoo)
The San Carlos Police conducted the investigation but, unfortunately, it amounted to no arrests. “The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation in 2010,” and the case made headlines nationally. (Yahoo) However, the Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit did not reopen it until 2018.
Hoffman-Ramos, who lived in San Mateo when the crime happened emerged as a person of interest.
Authorities did not release any information about her connection to her crime. Hoffman-Ramos remained the only suspect in the case and has no criminal history.
Tang’s death shook up the community band to this day; it is a topic of conversation.
Police officers hope Tang’s family finally gets some peace.
Hoffman-Ramos is detained with no bail in Washington County, Oklahoma, and is waiting for her extradition to San Mateo County.


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