Would you like a side of meth with your burger?

SKIATOOK, OKLA. — Skiatook Police Department has issued a warning to be extra vigilant when ordering food at fast-food chains and restaurants, thanks to suspect Bryce Francis.
A customer just wanted to satisfy that hunger but was offered a titillating parting gift with the fast-food combo. Skiatook police report that the customer found a baggy of what appeared to be drugs of a “crystalline substance” in their to-go bag. Officers tested the substance and found that it was positive for methamphetamine.
After investigating the situation, Skiatook police were able to make an arrest. Francis, an employee of the restaurant (who, in his mugshot, disturbingly resembles actor Ben Foster in 30 Days of Night), allegedly dropped the meth bag in the customer’s order in a drug deal gone wrong.
Skiatook police are asking the customer that was supposed to receive that baggy to give them a call or pay a visit to the police department for a little chat.
Francis was arrested for distribution of a controlled substance within 2000 feet of school and Possession of a controlled substance.


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